The Art of Vocal Improvisation

VocalEase offers transformational explorations into improvised music and movement to people of all ages and abilities.  Inclusive, fun and liberating.  Come, find your voice with VocalEase.


“Joanna’s capacity for joy is contagious and her understanding of the way music develops, heals and renews people makes her a wonderful teacher of adults and children. She is a powerful force wherever she brings her work.” ~Rhiannon~



We offer exceptional retreat experiences.

Schools and Centers:


We teach vocal improv and creative music.



We teach classes to students of all ages.

Connect and Release:

More than workshops, classes and performances; VocalEase is a way of life that welcomes curiosity, integrates nature, positive action and sound into an attitude of wonder that encourages people to be happy.

We believe:

When we sing in improvisational song circles we truly listen with our heart. We remember how to take care of each other and to love and honour the earth. When we are free to sing or speak our truth, dance our unique dance, create without limitations, we are happier, healthier humans.

“You set me free…”  Mayu ~ teacher, Cuenca, Ecuador