Hire Joanna to complete your team!

Requirements for hiring Joanna to facilitate:

  • You provide the space, the people and do the advertising. (See Electronic Press Kit EPK)
  • Workshop prices vary according to location and length of the workshop (See Fee schedule 2014)
  • A minimum of SIX participants is required for ALL VocalEase workshops and classes, unless special arrangements are made. Any number above twelve participants is ideal.
  • Pre-paid registrants receive a 5% discount.. (See Policies and Contract PDF)
  • One month minimum pre-booking lead required for local workshops
  • Three-six month pre-booking required for International workshops

Connecting and releasing is what humans do. We are social creatures who need language to communicate ideas and emotions. Wherever people communicate, VocalEase classes and workshops belong.

A complete listing of all workshops and classes can be found in the Services section

When a group or an organization hires us to facilitate we ask:

  • Who is it for?
  • What is the reason you want to sing/dance/create music as a group?
  • Is there an educational value you want us to focus on?
  • Is your group interested in vocal improv or experimental music?
  • Where will the workshop be? Surrounded by nature? In the heart of a city?
  • Do you want mostly singing, mostly movement or a balance of both?
  • Would you like continuing classes?

VocalEase classes and workshops can be designed to fit what your group needs. We take the information and create a unique experience with these and other elements:

  • sing familiar or improvised songs/adding beat box, body music
  • share stories and poetry and translate that into improvised music
  • vocal technique- pitch, harmony, poly rhythms, tone
  • create music from found objects
  • visualizations, body awareness & vocal freedom
  • authentic voice & movement
  • toning, chanting, creating sacred space
  • personal empowerment, conflict resolution, body language & self acceptance

We also offer set classes and workshops at business seminars schools, health organizations, youth camps, wilderness retreats and healing centres. Complete manuals for these and other workshops are available upon request Just ASK ME

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