Embodying Loving Kindness Series

with Joanna Finch, Transformational Vocal Coach
Loving Kindness Poster

Loving Kindness Poster


November 15 2015, 12:30-2:30

Purusa Mind and Movement Studio in Cumberland

“Remembering Small” With guest facilitator/dance teacher Jade DeTrey

This vocal-movement intensive takes us into stillness and silence. Waiting and listening are essential elements of inner peace. We unravel our bodies and unwind to let loose the voices that want to tell the stories of our inner life. Remembering small takes us to our younger selves when whimsy, meandering and wondering were constant states of being. Let us take you back to the innocence of “small” and fall in love with the simplest aspects of yourself: fingers, toes, whispered murmurings…the sound of your heart beat. Embody the loving kindness of childhood and reunite with your adult self with fresh senses.

Explorations include: deep breath work; focussed stream of consciousness articulation; mind/body centred vocal release; group composition; solo dynamic expression; observation and suspended animation. And fun, of course.

This is an opportunity to rediscover play and experience your old self in a new way. Refreshing and innovative, the combined wisdom and experience of these gifted and curious facilitators, Joanna Finch and Jade DeTrey, creates an uplifting and carefree environment that feels completely safe and familiar.


Adults of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome to attend.

Suggested donation: $20.00 Preregistration requested. 250 792-3717 or message Joanna here.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Bring water to drink and perhaps a journal.

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