Yma Sumak

This astonishing Peruvian singer is my greatest influence. Her five octave range is both operatic and primal. She melds tone and texture, language and vocalizations into a sound that sends shivers up my spine. She is the Queen of the voice.


This remarkable singer, improvisor, human being has been my teacher and inspiration since I began conceiving VocalEase. This birth is a long, continual one, as VocalEase is not a goal but a process of coming home to ourselves. If you ever get the chance to work with Rhiannon, do it. Your life will never be the same.

Bobby McFerron,

As soon as I heard Bobby McFerrnin on the radio I recognized a kindred spirit. I had been making ‘noises’ for most of my life and here was an amazing singer who could put it all together into a one man vocal band. I hope to meet Bobby one day.


One of the most creative and daring vocalists who have risen to fame for being who she is- absolutely authentic in her expression. I admire Bjork very much.

Tanya Tagaq

The way Tanya Tagaq uses her voice is primal, raw and earthy and at the same time, sweetly musical. I spent an afternoon with her at the Vancouver Island Music Fest and fused a friendship with her. Proximity has not offered a chance to sing together- yet.



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