Guest Facilitator

Joanna offers all workshops in all categories as a Guest Facilitator for:

  • Community Choirs
  • Schools: Private, Public and Home schoolers
  • Professional Organizations
  • Healing Centres
  • Women’s/ Men’s/ Senior’s/Youth Centres
  • Wilderness Retreats
  • International Resorts and Meditation Centres

Joanna also presents workshops and classes in Community Arts Centres and in Private Facilities. See Events

International Retreats


  • Gaia Moon Kayak Camping Retreat
  • Plant Meditation and Sacred Sound 
  • Wild Women’s/Men’s Primal Awakening
  • Ocean-Mountain-Lake Sound Experience
  • Family Matters: Reintegration Into Nature for City Slickers


  • Dance-sing Release-sing: The Happiness Factor
  • VocalEase Yoga Voice Intensive
  • Conscious Creation In Colour and Sound -an art and music retreat
  • Kali Loves Aphrodite; Shiva Loves Eros- A Couple’s Retreat


  • Kali Loves Aphrodite/ Shiva Loves Eros
  • Sing Your Story, Dance Your Dharma… Multi-cultural Communications
  • Reflections and Transformation in Nature and Sound Alchemy
  • VocalEase- Elemental Ahhs Level One and Two,
  • Advanced VocalEase- for singers, actors, and musicians
  • Take Flight- dance improvisations in shape and sound for Level Three Students
  • Primordial Ooohs- authentic voice and movement

Sound As Medicine

  • Plant Meditation- a deep investigation into the voice of plants
  • Sound Walks- a regular silent walking group that helps us to hear where we live.
  • Primordial Ooohs- for palliative care, trauma and recovery



Kids (age 8-13)

  • Glass Wood Metal Symphony- a 12 hour course for school groups
  • KIDSPIN: Kids Improvisational Dance Sing and Play in Nature

Youth (age 13-25)

  • Switch! Fast and Fun Improv Games
  • Poetry Alive- Creating vocal backing tracks to original songs and poems
  • Blues and Beats- a course in blues harmony, beatbox and trumpet sound

Continuing Education/Special Needs

  • Experimental Music That You Can See- a course in developing musical notation for voice and instruments
  • Conscious Creation in Art and Sound- creating works of art to improvised music
  • Fun with Noise- exploring sounds and movement


Summer Camps- available on request


  • Kidspin- summer camps in Expressive Arts for Creative Kids


  • Summer camps in Expressive Arts for Creative and at Risk Youth

Special Needs

  • Explorations in vocal freedom for children with Special Needs


  • all workshops, all levels are available to active, interested women and men.

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