Individual Classes

Individual Classes and Workshops

Regular vocal improv classes are offered whenever Joanna settles in to a community for a month or more. The international network of improvisational singers grows as people find their voice and get hooked on pattern singing. These community building classes and workshops are offered to young and old, often in collaboration with yoga, dance and expressive arts teachers.

Adult Classes

Private Voice Lessons/ Vocal Coaching

Experienced and novice singers of all ages benefit from  Joanna’s supportive and encouraging methods of teaching. Working with “yoga-for-the voice” vocal mechanics, improving vocal juiciness through careful attention to tone, posture, and joyful emotional release, Joanna’s students find their voice and gain confidence. Students begin from wherever they’re at in experience and stylistic interest. Bring a song you want to sing and Joanna will coach you in how to get the best out of your unique voice. Joanna has a vast knowledge of Classical repertoire, Jazz technique and popular songs in any era or style or language and will help you discover the joy of singing with confidence.

First three 45 minute lessons: $35 each. Continuing lessons: $30

“Elemental Ahhhs” Level One & Two

Learn the basics of improvisational singing in six weeks. Many of the games and techniques of Rhiannon and Bobby McFerrin have been adapted to suit the needs of the group. This is playful fun for people new to singing and for community choir members who want to let go and improvise. 90 minutes, weekly

Advanced Improvisational Singing

If you a confident, performance level singer, comfortable with poly rhythms, holding a harmony on your own, and enjoy taking risks, we want you! This six week class, run consistently, is ideal for jazz singers, actors and bands. Increase listening skills, improve your vocal ability and get hooked on the pleasure and freedom of vocal improv.

Soul Song

A circle of confident singers support and witness each other in harmony, weaving patterns and giving room for solo singing. Bring lyrics or improvise on the spot while the group co-creates a supportive soundscape. This technique is devoted to awakening deep reflection, connecting to our hearts, and allowing space and stillness to guide us. Music is drawn from the collective well in the forms of nature sounds, roots music, contemporary classical and primal voice.

Connect & Release Vocal Yoga “voc-asana”

Breathe. Stretch. Dance. Vocalize. This six week class incorporates authentic voice and gentle movement in a series of directed ‘shapes’ that move blocked emotions and release tension. Silence moves to breath then gently releases to humming. Sounds evolve to chanting and into guided “sound mandelas,” weaving words into harmonic circle songs. Connect to your centre through chakra singing with others and release pure, human sounds. This uplifting class leaves you feeling energized and joyful…”yoga for the voice!” Ideal for pregnant women, seniors, those in recovery from illness or trauma, or anyone who just craves the freedom to let go.


Ever evolving classes of fun, energetic improv games for creative, confident singers and theatre students. These are family friendly and age inclusive classes that explore communication in a uniquely creative way, while sharing useful skills in vocal health, body awareness, and group dynamics. Discover how creative you can be and lose yourself in laughter.

Sound Walks

Ask Joanna to lead your group in a sound walk. You will experience your community in an entirely new way. These walks are usually 1-3 hours, but a sound “hike” can be arranged for your out of town visitors for a full day exploration into the art of Walking Meditation.

Regular weekly walks can be set up at a pre-determined time with the intention of creating a ‘Sound Shape Symphony” in graphic notation to be played and or performed by your group; or hire Joanna for a single experience to enhance communication with your Book Club, Yoga Group, Running Group, Sports Team or Church Group. (see PDF of SOUND WALKS)


Complete descriptions can be found under Institutional Classes and International Facilitator.





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