Sound as Medicine at Herb Gathering 2015

I’m very pleased to have been invited back to the Vancouver Island Herb Gathering at Innisfree Farm this summer, June 12-14.

This event is an inspiring educational forum with many wise and knowledgable teachers from near and far who share their information in workshops, tastings and field trips. It is open to the public and early registration is recommended.

I’ll be taking people on walking meditations in the early morning and also leading a workshop in Sound As Medicine called:

The Secret Song of Medicinal Plants

Devils club

Devil’s Club- A Medicinal Plant Native to Vancouver Island

The purpose of this three hour workshop is to deepen our sensitivity to the essential energy- or spirit- of some medicinal plants. Through meditation, art, and authentic voice and movement we will uncover the secret song of the plants we commonly use, and learn how to listen to plant wisdom. We will explore shapes and textures of leaves and stems, colour and density, noticing, as we touch, taste and smell them, our reactions to what the plants are telling us.

We will begin with a guided meditation and relaxation through breath and simple chanting, to open our senses to this metaphysical exploration.
Next we will observe the plants, following our instincts on the plant we are drawn to, spending time with as many plants as we feel an attraction to. We will create artistic representations of our emotional response through various mediums. Time will be given to work separately in silent observation and also as a group.

Skunk cabbage

Skunk Cabbage- grows in profusion in the spring in bogs and marshes
From this point we will begin the physical expression of the language we hear/feel in connection to each plant, moving and singing- vocalizing- the story we have been given, individually exploring our vocal and physical relationship with the plants. When we are very familiar with our plants’ energetic expression we will share our sounds and movements with the group.
Finally, our goal is to participate in a symphony of sound shapes based on our interpretation of the plants’ energetic vibration. Each plant will be a different voice- or instrument in the symphony. It will be wild, interesting, unusual music…

circle at Herb gathering


A Naturstra in which all participants express the sound shape of the plants which they had been observing.

Naturstra Herb Gathering 2013

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