Summer Singing: Sacred Sounds, Blues and Jazz!

Joanna’s annual Summer Singing Series is happening on June 20 and July 5. Register TODAY! All ages and abilities are welcome.

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Singing Workshops Teach Vocal Freedom!

This singing series are three four-hour workshops that have been simplified into 2 hour intensives. Skill building and education of vocal sounds is the emphasis. These classes will help anyone who wants to explore the art of vocal improvisation within a traditional framework to add to your vocal tool kit for your choir or professional performance.

Workshop times and descriptions:

9:30- 11:30 “Songs of Praise- Mysticism in Harmonic Chants” explores the sounds of 3 cultural forms of sacred and celebratory music including: Gregorian chanting, Gospel Soul, and Primitive/Indigenous. This class focusses on tonal quality and how to blend in a group. Each section is a focussed 45 minutes, with a short break between.

1 Gregorian Chanting and the Mantra. This is a beautiful way to open your voice and find the “sweet spot.” In this class we discover how to create the “perfect chord” with emphasis on harmony and blending in the European style of Gregorian Chant, employing Latin words and also listening to our “heartsong” to create a personal mantra, or sound mandela.  Benedictine Monks ChantingCantate Domino- Nuns chanting

2 Spirit Raising Gospel. In this segment singing traditional Spirituals and employing movement to energize the body and free the voice. We use the blues form in a supportive singing circle and each participant has a chance to contribute words of love, peace, hope and humility to bring up the energy. We can prepare for this style of singing by watching these videos. Gospel is about taking the moment and honouring the Higher Power, be it God, Nature, The Goddess… Gospel Singing TutorialNew York Subway Gospel Singers

 3 Primitive/ Ingenious with demonstrations in: Tuvan Throat Singing  (short documentary: The Mongolian traditional art of Khöömei);  Inuit Throat Singing Tanya Tagaq- The sounds of throat singing (The Competition Song; the wild and thrilling sound of  Northern Cree “War Cry” and  our own Freeform Tribal. This last segment takes us away from the sounds most of us are used to making. We explore the voice- not what we normally consider “singing”,  using guttural sounds, breath, employing vocal techniques that replicate sounds of Didgeridoo, animal shrieks, tongue clicks (Miriam Makeba Click Song) and a combination of  all.

We move from the sublime into WILD in this 2 hour intensive, awakening the senses to fully release the voice.(Each of these sections is available in a three hour workshop. Invite Joanna to your community to share her vocal magic.)


12:30-2:30 “Blues, Beats and Bass”

Get locked into a blues groove and let yourself go into free improvisation in this 2 hour exploration of Blues forms. We will begin with “feeling” the form of a 12 bar blues, learning to count while following the 1, 4, 5 blues pattern. Simple repetition leads to success! Once the group  locks into the pattern and we get out of our head and into our bodies, that’s where the magic happens.

We will work in a “band” trio of BEATS, BASS and MOTOR, taking turns holding our part to support each soloist as she/he explores the Blues form. We’ll change it up with Gospel, Funk, & Delta blues, evolving as the group gets more confident.


3:00-5:00 “Skat like a Jazz Cat!”

This intensive session will improve your improvisational language so you become comfortable with making it up on the spot. We focus on the language of world music, mouth percussion and soloing over the jazz form. Great for jazz choir members who want more opportunities to practice.

Check out this video of the Great Ella Fitzgerald: Ella Fitzgerald One Note Samba


EVERYONE is welcome. ANYONE can sing!

If you like to sing or are in a choir, or even if you think you can’t sing, these workshops will be useful to you. In these classes you will work with Blues, Gregorian Chanting and Jazz Scat while improving your listening skills, building confidence as you learn to improvise in a supportive group of men, women and youth.

Invite Joanna to your community to share these empowering singing experiences.




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