circle at Herb gathering


“My knack for vocal mimicry and my love of playful interaction led me to create VocalEase. I believe through the vibrations of harmony and dissonance we can heal broken hearts and release fear and distrust. Singing and rhythm-making is the way to global peace.”

Joanna Finch

Praise from my teacher:

“Joanna’s capacity for joy is contagious and her understanding of the way music develops, heals and renews people makes her a wonderful teacher of adults and children. She is a powerful force wherever she brings her work.”


VocalEase Workshops International

“…’finding our voice’ is one of the scariest adventures of life, this is why we must do it! It is empowering!”

ANNIE ROUSSEAU Courtenay BC, Process Art Teacher

“It changed my life.”

BYRON NOBLE Vancouver BC- Actor

“It’s difficult to describe. There’s magic in it…Empowering. Spontaneous with a fluid structure. Relaxed and so much fun. Nurturing. Soaring….Did I say fun? We laughed a lot”

GRACE MCGRAN Black Creek BC- Artist, Composer

“Easy to follow…the process was well laid out…it builds confidence.”

GIOVANNI BOSMA Ucluelet BC, Fabricator

“Joy bird, well that name pretty much describes what you brought us that day, you set me free off my the bubble where i hide the music about to burst out from my inside, always there, scared to come alive. For one afternoon i let it free thanks to the magic of initial relaxation, and then the physical contact with our singer partner…

Even though when i arrived i swore to myself i will not sing even if you asked; as you saw i did sing and dance freely without having meant to.

The smoothing sensation started to allow me to be Mayu in front of people I had never met; I sang, heard the others sing, and it entered my bones, long abandoned of the company of equals singing to live.

By the time we were almost done we were all friends, people looking for art, for real people. Not just any art, music, the language of the great mystery we all know and ignore at the same time, the tongue we all speak, and modernity with its society has somehow forbidden its free use,

For i am sure more than one would like to go around singing as mad, while doing errands or working, but since we are not all tribal anymore we keep a “normal” behaviour…”

MARIA SOLEDAD CARPIO Cuenca, Ecuador- Teacher

“I learned that with you I could make absolutely ANY voice noise and it was something that could be celebrated and built on. Your non-judgmental exuberance and goofiness was truly liberating… Thank you for all the fun we had.”

DENISE MARTIN Antigua Artist, Film Industry.

Devils club


As a co-facilitator; Sound as Medicine:

“Co-teaching a plant spirit meditation with Joanna in 2013 was one of the highlights of my summer. With little preparation and a lot of trust we spent a magic morning sitting with Valerian, drawing the expression or gesture of the plant and learning to listen to the song of Valerian and its healing vibrations. Whether listening to Joanna sing and make music or whether eating the delicious food she creates, you can always be assured that whatever she does will be beautiful, whole hearted and creative. I am already looking forward to more opportunities for collaboration in the future.”

CHANCHAL CABRERA MSc (master of science in herbal medicine) FNIMH (fellow of the national institute of Medical Herbalists)

Sound as Medicine Workshop Participants:

“Join the forest in her song

Human choir echoes Ancient chords of the world

Tap into Songlines of the woods

Each plant has its own special song

Learn to Listen

The only voice missing from the treetops is Yours

Sway as leaves

Breathe with ease

Sing of trees

Joanna Finch lives up to her namesake as the Songbird in human expression

There is a swirling chorus of sound within each and every one of us

Listen to the trees, they have a message for you.

Speak the language only acorns understand.”

JONATHAN BELL Student, Clown

“Joanna’s encouragement to express my impression of Valerian vocally forced my brain and body to make a connection it doesn’t normally make. It was a healthy exercise because it forged new neural pathways.

It’s not an easy thing to interpret something with your voice. It requires letting-go and losing your inhibitions. Joanna’s youthful passion encouraged us to forget our fears and open-up.”

JORDIE ROBERTSON Herbalist/ Musician